Monday, September 13, 2010

CALLING ALL BLOGGERS! Miami Lexus Safety Tour Stop

We all know how insane it is to drive in Miami. If you aren't frazzled after a commute on I-95 or the Palmetto, you don't have a pulse. Everyday, it's like taking your life in your hands, requiring more patience than the Buddha to avoid hating humanity.

But what about driving amid the chaos? If you're like me, safety features in a car aren't the kind of thing that daddy teaches his little girl. Heck, the best safety feature in my ideal car would be a handsome chauffeur. Does the term "traction control" make you think of an anti-frizz hair product? Is "VSC" dyslexic for CVS? What about working on those ABS -- the ones under your hood, not under your boobs?

Ladies (and possibly germs), it's time to demystify the world of car lingo and get road savvy.

Be part of the the Miami Lexus Safety Tour Stop. (Yes, Lexus hired me to reach out to you, get over it ... you loved the stuff I did with Ford Fiesta.) Apart from the "educational" stuff, this should be a fun event because you'll get behind the wheel with a professional race care driver (hopefully a sexy one!) on the track at Gulfstream. How often do you get to vent your Miami road rage like this? Learn to swerve, spin and stop in a safe environment and figure out all those driving techniques and tricks for the road.

We may not be able to make Miami a better driving city, but hey, at least you can master the wheel!


Friday, September 17 9:45 am - 12:00 pm
Gulfstream Racetrack
901 S. Federal Highway
Hallandale, Florida 33009
Lunch served on site

Yes, I know it's short notice. If interested, please email yours truly at beachbombshell AT gmail DOT com as soon as possible! THIS IS AN INVITE-ONLY event and is not open to the general public. You MUST rsvp in order to attend.

P.S. The only reason I'm not participating myself is because I'm in Hawaii ...

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