Sunday, September 12, 2010

Travel: Saucy and Sensual Oahu Shrimp

kahuku shrimp hawaii oahu
You take the scenic seaside Kamehameha Highway to the Kahuku area, flanked by a flat, marshy terrain. You stop at Fumi's food truck and shack. You order locally farmed, live cooked fresh water shrimp served with garlic butter sauce. You peel. No, no, wait ... it's too good. You suck before you even peel. Then you peel a little more, but it's too damn good. You gotta slurp. Then you bite a little. Then you slurp some more. Then you roll it around on your tongue. Then you chew a little. Suck, bite, slurp and chew. Good lord at some point when your tongue has had enough you give in and finally swallow. But no, that's not enough. Then you lick your fingers and stick them in that glorious garlicky buttery mess some more, only to start the whole thing over again until the last shrimp is gone.

You bite your lip because you want to lick that plate. You want to drink that sauce in complete, unabashed shamelessness. You know you want to. But even though you're sitting under a tent, you mind your manners. And then you look over at your lover, wondering if you can kiss him just to get your lips on that last drop of it on his chin.

Yeah, it was so worth crossing the continent and half of the Pacific for this!

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Elaine said...

I'm not even that big of a fan of shrimp, and you made me want some!