Saturday, April 21, 2012

Behind the Scenes with Ford Escape Routes - Miami Style

Part one of a two-part series behind-the-scenes on the set of Ford Escape Routes.  Click here for Part Two.


I had you at bikini, right?

So Ford approached me to go behind-the-scenes at the Miami shoot of their new social media driven reality show, Escape Routes, and how could I say no? Especially since they were PAYING ME, hello?

We interrupt this blog post to recognize a very untypical EGREGIOUS FTC DISCLOSURE here at Sex and the Beach ...

Anyway, as I was saying, I was paid to spend a day with a bunch of friendly hams who were just begging to be in front of Vicequeen's camera for exclusive interviews! Talk about twist my arm.

And if you can absolutely tell me you don't go gaga over Team Black with Drew and Derek relaxing bare-chested under the sea grape trees, you are in a coma, girl.

Team Black From Ford Escape Routes

But before you Miamians think I'm just being a corporate shill, check out the video above for some great shots of JetLev action off a squatter's key near a Coconut Grove Marina. Yeah, like poor people live on islands by Fresh Market, whatever. Host @rossimorreale thinks that Miami people are beautiful models; obviously, he hasn't been to Walmart in Hialeah!

But did you know some engineering genius developed the idea of flying over water here in our neighboring Dania Beach?  A clever idea, but not one to be used by drug runners, right Rakontur?


Justine Loves Her Tech Gear

One of the highlights of the day was talking to Jurassic vlogger @ijustine about tech gear. I say Jurassic not because the cute bubbly blonde looks like a fossilized reptile, but because she has been vlogging since Jesus was a boy. What's more, she salivated over my Canon XA10, steady stick and Rhode boom mic covered with a very fuzzy windshield. She had me at "xlr" ... a true techy babe if there ever was one.


As a former Ford Fiesta Agent, I couldn't help but think this was the original movement on steroids.  The show incorporates audience participation through social media channels.

Do you remember that crazy shit Brad and I did with Ford two years ago? Brad towed a Ford car with a bicycle while I practically peed in my pants trying to steer the vehicle down Flagler street.  Oh, we also wrestled alligators in Orlando, Florida.  Well, to be more precise, Brad wrestled while I kneeled inches away from the gator's mouth recording the scene on camera.

You see, it was never about the car, but about the experiences afforded by the car.

Kudos to Ford for some very progressive social media thinking and for making everything I do with this brand so much darn freakin' fun.

And I hope my GM Southeast friends don't read this, because right now I must officially declare myself a promiscuous car whore!

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Scott Monty said...

We're proud to say we knew you first. ;-)

Thanks so much for taking part in some of the behind-the-scenes activities of Escape Routes, Maria! We're so glad we could come to your backyard.

Scott Monty
Global Digital Communications
Ford Motor Company