Friday, April 13, 2012

Silicone Bitch: Is Pinterest a Cult?

voodoo doll pins
The original "social pinning." Photo courtesy of Brendajos on Flickr.

Speaking of religious fervor, oh, I don't know, a bazillion users daily in a short period of time? Pass the kool aid. Not even Jesus can get so many people to attend church.

Pinterest seems to sum up what is inherently narcissistic about social media. (I'm the first guilty party to raise her hand, by the way.) "Here's pictures of shit that I like, and I absolutely must share them with you, even if I violate someone's copyright beyond creative commons."

If you must create a pin board about something you're planning, why feel compelled to share it with the rest of the universe? Wouldn't you want to share your wedding dress options with your nearest and dearest in a private board?

I know the answer: it's because we all want some validation and don't want to exist in a vacuum.

By the way, I created one Pinterest board about fishing called Angler's Cove and it's pretty boring because it's not about girly things like fashion and kittens.

As I always say: in social media, if the shoe fits, wear it. But don't feel obligated to be an adopter unless the platform really works for you in an organic and authentic way.

How quick are you to adopt social media trends? Do you see dollar signs immediately or are using new platforms for personal enjoyment?

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Christy said...

Hey I missed this one! Love it - Seems like Pinterest is classic example of the lemming effect. "OK guess this is the next thing I will try." I can't - I just can't remember that many log ins. :)