Monday, March 27, 2006

SoBe Maneater

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Anonymous said...

pawlr said...
Wow. I want her. Does she answer personals?

"Lizard man seeks Dino girl. Let us prey."
5:47 AM

n said...
"Local lady, great set of teeth, voracious appetite, seeks man for Jurassic larks."
7:49 AM

anonymous said...
Bahaha! Is this what you do at work all day?
5:22 PM

pawlr said...
How about: 

"vagina dentata seeks flavored toothpick"
6:07 PM

manola blablablanik said...
Me likes, me likes a lot these diverse dental interventions!

N, in your case it would be Jurrasic NARKS ...

Anonymous, yes, and I get to sit on a set of vibrating Chinese balls while eating Armenian cheese sticks, too ... life o' manola, for sure! :-)

Pawlr, good point, who knew v.d. could be so tooth-picky? Of course, her tooth pick'd be the size of a turkey leg.

Love to all,

Manola BBB
9:41 PM

pawlr said...
Ha ha! I bet she also douches with Listerine and waxes with epoxy!
5:24 AM

n said...

You truly are a grand harlot.
5:57 AM