Saturday, March 18, 2006

Tropical Sex Tips

"Dear Manola 180: I'm really disappointed with the 'warming effect' of KY's new product line. What do you recommend?"

Nutmeg oil from the isle of spice -- Grenada -- is hot, hot, hot. Add a few drops to KY and see the sky rockets in flight, afternoon delight!

"Dear Manola 180: How do I trap my man?"

Well, Manola NEVER recommends trapping anything, including fur. However, if you must, nothing attracts a man through his stomach and nose like a woman's scent, according to Caribbean folklore. Squat over a pot of rice and let the steam create a one-of-a-kind aphrodisiac. Serve this "sweat rice" warm and garnish with hibiscus flower.

Good luck!

Manola 180

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joseph said...
That is disgusting about the fucking rice. Absolutely disgusting. Ha ha!
10:04 AM