Monday, July 17, 2006

Exclusive! Colin Farrell Medical Transcript [updated]

Colin Farrell Medical Transcript

Manola News recently obtained medical transcripts from Colin's latest therapy session. Eminent psychologist, Dr. Shrink Mai Pinga, sits with legs demurely crossed and asks Colin a few diagnostic questions. Colin, showing how hard it is for him to cross his legs, answered each question truthfully, without divagation.

Shrink: "What did you have for breakfast today?"

Colin: "Granola Manola."

Shrink: "What did you have for lunch today?"

Colin: "Pink Taco a la Manola."

Shrink: "What will you be drinking at happy hour?"

Colin: "A pint of guinness with a Manola chaser."

Shrink: "What are you planning on having for dinner?"

Colin: "Bangers and Manola."

Shrink: "Aha."

Walking over to his desk, Dr. Shrink Mai Pinga jots some notes down in the patient's folder. After a few minutes, Colin begins to wiggle in his seat.

Colin: "So, am I a sick fuck or can I go now?"

Shrink: "You're fine. Get the hell out my office and give Manola my regards!"

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Wide Lawns said...

Manola, you really ought to throw a party at the Delano or the Setai for the Miami Vice premiere. Invite Colin. Serve pink taco a la Manola. I think it would be a huge success. When is that movie coming out anyway?

Maria de los Angeles said...

July 28, baby! I'm trying to get a media pass to the premiere!

PS ... welcome back!

Mighty Dyckerson said...

Colin Ferrell is an asshola, Manola...and that's no crapola!

Mistress Regina said...

You are perfect. Come...explore....join us. Ladies, Goddesses And Bitches

Anonymous said...

No he's not an asshole. He lived in the hotel where my husband worked for months and he was always super nice to everyone there. I think it's his "image" that is an asshole, not actually him.

Maria de los Angeles said...

Miami Girl, agreed, poor bloke is just a fella doing what a fella does ... that's why we like him! Mighty, please don't hold any sour balls against Colin!