Monday, September 04, 2006


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Want to wear Manola's shoes for a day? Are you a double-wide? Size 8 shoe, that is? Female, cross-dresser or transvestite? Bunion sufferer? Do corns get you down and pedicures make you high?

None of the above? All of the above? Regardless, no matter! As long as you're a Miami blogger, you're eligible to cross-bloginate with Manola and others in a veritable wordsmithing orgy!

The CDC (Center for Dick Control) and the WHO (World Ho Organization) were, up until this announcement, mainly concerned with the spread of Bitch Flu.

Blog Flu, however, poses an imminent and far more creative threat. There is a marked concern that these casual blog encounters might prove fatally humorous, not to mention incredibly entertaining!

According to our medical expert, Doctor Suck MyGupta, precaution is necessary because there is no protection against mental stimulation.

"Although Miami bloggers represent a rare case of high-risk contagion in a quarantine situation, the general public may actually be threatened if the cerebral cortices of the uninfected, by way of eyeballs, come in contact with any random Miami blogger's mental excretions."

Sexy Hindi medical correspondent that he is, Doctor Suck MyGupta manages to find the compassion necessary to freely offer additional advice, instead of selfishly servicing his own Manola's sexual fantasies with Manola, of course:

"Always get tested before writing on someone else's blog and by all means, ask the new Miami blogger you're humping reading if they are negative for BTDs."

Miami bloggers, however, seem poised like a group of stubborn libertines to spread the virus of joyous writing far and wide.

But according to Janet ReHo, the apparent threat of biological terror is no more dangerous than a member of The Mile High Club sneaking a tube of Astroglide aboard a Virgin Atlantic flight.

In fact, the enterprise is actually quite wholesome. "It's not an attempt to create freaky hybrid blogs," yells the former attorney general over the phone. "It's not even the bare-blogging spread of blogearal diseases! Damn it, don't interrupt my beauty sleep unless there's a compound of freaks to blow up!"


Two brainy, creative beauties are behind the innocent shenanigans. Tere -- fabulously mommy -- provided the term in a flash of copywriting genius for Rebecca Carter -- fabulously environment -- who originally suggested the brilliant idea!

In Rebecca's own words:

On September 19, several Miami bloggers will do a bit of a switcharoo. Each blog will feature a post written by another blogger in the group. The post will be related to the blog on which it will be featured. It's basically going to be a fun, silly day in which we can use our blogs to create a bit of confusion, mischief, or maybe just great new content by a guest blogger!

Who wants to swap spit so far? Warning: some of these blogs might be Rated G!

Critical Miami
Miami Vegan
Stuck on the Palmetto
A Mom, A Blog, and a Life in Between
Transit Miami
"Klotz" as in "Blood"
26th Parallel
Urban Paradise
Hidden City
Freckle Face Girl
Miami Beach 411
Sex and the Beach

If you are a Miami-based blogger and are interested in participating, please comment here to put your name on the list on or before Sunday, September 10, 2006.

So come on, don't be shy! Cross-blogination, like a black-market diet pill, is perfectly safe and stimulating! And if you happen to wear Manola's shoes for a day, you can leave your hat on!


Mighty Dyckerson said...

I'm not in Miami, but I demand honorary placement on the list. Make it happen.

Tere said...

Oh, I so love your take on our geeky orgy!

Crashtest Comic said...

Leave the heels on, baby!


Crashtest Comic said...

So, Mighty Dyck, we meet again, eh?

How goes the war??

Mighty Dyckerson said...

CC, the war is over...and I am victorious! (Like there was ever any doubt.) Next I'm taking on Manola and her giant orange phallus.

Maria de los Angeles said...

Oh victorious Mighty, what shall I do? Cross-blogination is not yet available to transport across state lines. However, maybe you and I could swap spit, I mean posts, sometime. What do you think?

Dayngr said...

Wait, I heard "Calling all Miami Perverts", the words Geek Orgy, spotted some Manolos and saw Anderson Cooper (drool) and knew this was my happy place.

Mighty Dyckerson said...

You can swat my post anytime, baby! Oh, you said SWAP. Yeah, we could do that too.

Maria de los Angeles said...

Hi Dayngrgirl, yes here you can be very outspoken! Welcome!

RennyBA said...

Here from 25Peeps so I'll say hello from Norway and congrats!
Btw: Joe Cocker is one of my favorite and I've seen him twice in Oslo!
Have a lovely end to your week:-)