Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Is Sperm Vegan?

Please give a warm welcome to my guest blogger Inga who shares some very healthy advice about sex and food! After leaving Inga a delicious comment, stop by Fanless, where you'll read my exclusive interview of South Beach's sexiest Mexican!

Commercial Break – TRANSCRIPT OF THE Vegan Sex Psychologist Radio Show

Inga: “Hi there Sex on the Beach Miamians .. allow me to introduce myself. My name is I. Ambrosia (aka Inga) from Miami Vegan. A blog where I try to educate and convert the omnivores of the world while entertaining them with fun facts and photography.

Occasionally, I rant about animal rights and the weather. Today, I will be guest blogging for the special ‘Miami Cross Blogination’ event city-wide in S. Florida.

“Now to the “meat” of the matter. I would like to now answer a few questions via phone regarding veganism and your favorite topic -- sex. It looks like we have our first caller.

“Hello caller, you’re on the air with I. Ambrosia.”

Caller (a.k.a. Loose-inda): “Hi, I. Ambrosia. I’m an avid Sex Miamian and big fan of Manola but glad to have you here. So you are vegan right? My boyfriend wants me to ask you if sperm is vegan? I’m vegetarian and am thinking of switching over to veganism and need to know before tonight.

Inga: “Hello Loose-inda, welcome to the program. Well, that is a very interesting question you’ve got there. Can’t say I’ve ever been asked that before. First of all, is your boyfriend a vegan?”

Caller: “No, he is a bodybuilder and eats lots of red meat and animal proteins.”

Inga: “Then no his sperm is not vegan and should be removed from your diet. However, if he eats a vegan diet for 48 hours you can then partake of the special sauce. Do you think he can do it?”

Caller: “Um .. he is throwing out the frozen meats in the ice box as we speak.”

Inga: “Excellent. Another happy customer.”

Caller: “Thank you so much I. Ambrosia. You’ve saved my relationship.”

Inga: “Oh .. didn’t realize it was that serious. Good luck then, Loose. So, next on the line we have Victor.”

Caller (a.k.a. Victor): “Hi, I. Ambrosia. I heard you just talking about sperm and I have a question along the same lines.”

Inga: “Sure, shoot Victor.”

Caller: “(Laughs) This is embarrassing but my girlfriend wants to know if my sperm can make her boobs bigger? (Coughs)”

Inga: “(Coughs) Well, Victor .. are you wanting her ‘boobs’ bigger or is she?”

Caller: “I like her breasts but she thinks I look at other girls with bigger breasts.”

Inga: “I see. Much of what makes breasts bigger is fat tissue so if you yourself are eating a high fat diet, you will be able to ‘transfer’ some of that fat to her.”

Caller: “Wait. I don’t want her to get too big .. other guys might like them.”

Inga: “Guess you’d better think about that before you turn on the tap. Alright, Victor that’s all the time we have for today. I’d like to thank Manola for letting me slip around in her sheets for the day. Thanks to all of our callers for the very interesting questions. I would like to leave you with a deliciously yummy chocolate recipe to slip and slide around in for all you lovers out there. Happy healthy sexing.”


200 ml./1 cup of unscented bubble bath (as sold by Meadowsweet, Dolma and Honesty)
75 ml./third of a cup of unsweetened soya milk
70g./3 oz. of dark chocolate
optional - add some cinnamon or ginger for a stimulating bath

Heat the soya milk and add in the chopped chocolate, stir well until melted. Do not boil. Allow cooling down. Mix with the bubble bath and pour into your bath and enjoy...

To lighten up the mood with a little humor also check out this interesting chocolate candy bar commercial from Chile ..

Laters .. ;-)

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Anonymous said...

That is so great. But seriously, is sperm vegan? It's not form. Af friend of mine wants to know.

Maria de los Angeles said...

What do vegans say when they want a beef injection? :-)

Freckle Face Girl said...

Great idea!!

Dayngr said...

I want to keep my comment in line with the theme of the blog and the post and add a few organic & sex related tips ...

If 10,000 people showered with a partner, the water they’d save during one shower could provide the water for another 10,000 showers. - Good excuse to shower with a friend!

Did you know that organic lubes cost the same as higher-end conventional ones, so why cheat yourself out of something so natural? Check out Good Glide - edible and latex-friendly & Sensua Organics.

Plus the next time you buy your sex toys (ahem) make sure they are PVC free - Check out the "Rabbit Habbit".

And finally, yes, Solar vibrators do exist aswell as vegan condoms -you can find them at the Veg Sex Shop.

Tere said...

That was genius

Crashtest Comic said...

We need some more high heel pics!
The Fans speak

Yvette said...

Gosh, such a yummy recipe, and me with no-one to soak with. (pout)

Mighty Dyckerson said...

I'd categorize my sperm as seafood. It always smells like dead fish.

Anonymous said...

Are boogers vegan?

mkhall said...

Your own, Stephanie, or someone else's?