Monday, November 05, 2007

What's In Your Bag?

By special request from Salome's Mom, here's the content of Manola's purse.

Ladies, there are certain items you must have in your purse at all times, especially if you live in Miami Beach.

"Regarding Manolo Blaniks: fuck vanity!"

"We have a problem in Miami. It's the occasional visit from Matthew McConaughey."

"If you don't want to use a cheap-ass plastic Japanese sex toy, use a sweet potato. It's a little rough around the edges, but we ladies like a little feeling."

"Chef Robert Irvine and my refrigerator. I'd love to be a sandwich."

"Fuck botox. You just need to perfect the big fat Cuban chongalicious lipstick technique."

"If you see an asshole, don't give him your phone number."

"If you're stuck on the Palmetto and feel frustrated, burn some sage!"

"Ever since I carry Horatio Cane on top of my left boob, I move around Miami in total peace and comfort."

Ladies, what's in your bag?

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Yoli said...

Hay Maria me meo! Cuando sacastes el boniato acabastes. That was the best, complete with despojo. Cabrona, you nailed it.

Anonymous said...

I love the glasses! Perfect for Manola!

Unknown said...

Sage and Xanax.
Glad I found you through blogger. Definitely be back to catch up on things South of THE ATL.
Thanks for the smiles this morning.

VINVIN said...

If you don't answer my direct messages on Twitter, how do you want me to know you??? :-)
What San Pancracio will think about that?
Let's talk.
Seesmic: vinvin
Twitter: VinvinOriginal