Tuesday, October 27, 2009

SoFla Blogup 2009

I fondly recall the first blogger meetup in Miami ... though Hidden City has told me that proto-bloggers socialized in Miami as far back as the dawn of the interwebs.

But in recent history, circa 2006, several established bloggers who are still active today got together for conversation, drinks and food at Tobacco Road. The meetup was inspired by the fact that Stormhoek Winery had put together blogger shindig in South Beach for a Gaping Void campaign. A few people were turned off by the commercial nature of the event and decided that "we" could meet up all on our own. I don't remember who "we" was; it was a loosely defined collective. It just sort of happened.

None of us had met in person, though we knew each other's blogs well. There were no name tags and we had to introduce ourselves one by one -- kind of like when you're in elementary school on the first day of class and have to tell the rest of the kids what you did last summer. I remember talking to some fellow bloggers before the event who were downright shy. "OMG, I have to meet people in person? What's that all about?"

Putting a face to the blog was a big deal back then, but boy, how things have changed since 2006! For many of us, social media has made the face-to-face far less awkward.

It's time to get together again. James and Annette from Soul of Miami and I have teamed up with Graziano's at Brickell for another afternoon of socializing on November 21st, 2 - 5 pm, possibly longer -- if any spontaneous plans should occur.

The first hour will be bloggers ONLY. Afterward, readers and fans are welcome to mingle! Please visit Soul of Miami for details and to RSVP. If you are a blogger, make sure you do reply so we can have a name tag ready for you at the door.


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