Monday, April 19, 2010

Silicone Bitch: Fast Cars, Slow Drinks and Good Learnin'

News and notes about the South Florida social media and blogging scene, with a little tech thrown in for good measure. And maybe some other random events, too.

A great audience showed up to learn about blogging. At GAB Studio, a creative gallery and photographer's space in Wynwood run by Bridges Aderhold.


Chevy has been following the Ford bandwagon making some in roads with tri-county social media types. (Terrible puns, I know ...) In February, they hosted a bunch of bloggers and tweeters at Lion Country Safari. I drove an Equinox through the West Palm Beach park with some friends and almost got rammed by a rhino. Not saying more for now because I've got a proper travel story coming up at Miami Beach 411. I really enjoyed the visit though; I saw more flesh, hide and rumps in two hours than your average night in South Beach!

And I thoroughly enjoyed the test drive of a Corvette -- revving from zero to 45 in a cupla seconds made this girl's pedal foot happy. Thank goodness it was a backroad with no FHP in sight; had that Corvette been a stick shift, I would've been in horsepower heaven.

But that's not all! Craig Agranoff, friend and pizza meister, is doing Chevy pizza crawls. This means you get to test drive a car and stuff your face with pie for a few hours, all in good company. Here's a wrap up of the first one. Follow @lapp to keep up with the next two coming up in Broward and Miami-Dade.


Macallan was in town last month, hosting private scotch tastings at an event space in Allapatah called eVenue. Yes, Allapatah. Can you believe there's a groovy facility -- complete with an ice bar ... yes, an ice bar in the subtropics! -- in that most savory of Miami neighborhoods?

But back to the scotch -- Graeme Russell, brand ambassador for Macallan, gave us a master class on the origins, production and culture of the drink. We sampled different kinds from the 12 year to the 18; it's amazing how differently each one tastes, heady in a good way. As a scotch virgin, the little sips were welcome to the palette. It's not just the beverage that was delicious but also the history around it that was utterly fascinating. When you know what goes into it, it tastes so much better. The same could be said of lasting love, of course ...

If you like scotch, definitely follow bon vivant and scotchpert Graeme @livingthedram.


The last few weeks have been amazing for me in terms of outreach. I guest spoke at a undergraduate Public Relations course (taught by @angiemoncada) on how to pitch to bloggers, followed by other presentations at University of Miami (@alexdc's class) with fabulous designer @alishavera and great writers @yvetteferry @mkhall. I wish I could've recorded Kevin's spiel on the origins of blogging. It was brilliant. He's the master wordsmith over at Hidden City.

There was also a Business Wire event in Fort Lauderdale where I had the pleasure of sitting on a panel with @nialahboodhoo from the Miami Herald, @mindingyourbiz from the Sun Sentinel and @margieschneider from Ten Golden Rules.

As if this wasn't enough, I spoke solo at an artist's networker hosted by Life is Art and the Association of Women In Communications South Florida about how to use blogging to promote your work. There were about fifty people in the audience and it was incredibly inspiring as we had a very engaging 30 minute question and answer session on everything from developing content to SEO. Wordpress king @johnjamesjacoby was in the da house, able to give some technical advice, which I appreciated.

I'm going to be putting together some blogging and writing workshops in the future, so stay tuned. I've never doubted the power of this medium and it is only strengthened now by all the eyes looking back at me for guidance. Stepping back into the role of teacher feels really good. The timing is right.


The blog talk wasn't the only recently inspiring moment. The Health, Wealth and Entrepreneurship Women's Conference in March brought together professional women from all walks of life for a day of educational panels at the Ana G. Mendez University campus in Miramar. I cannot even begin to tell you how amazing it was to hear stories of women who started with nothing and built successful careers through perseverance, sass and smarts. Women like Dr. Elizabeth King, who overcame many health obstacles and now runs a holistic center in Fort Lauderdale, Maria Cristina Caballero of Dialogue on Diversity, Emmy-award winning Patricia San Pedro, publisher of Miami Bombshells, Ana Recio Harvey, director of the Office of Women's Business Ownership of the U.S. Small Business Administration ... the list is long. Ladies, this conference is happening again next year and is a MUST.

Also, I had no idea this university existed in South Florida. It's a bilingual school that supports working professionals who want to complete degrees or advance in their careers. There were several organizers but kudos to @mariaalexandra for helping put it together.

There has been much more going on but I'm going to have to write several posts to catch up! Feel free to pitch me with story ideas. And don't forget to check out @agustinap's Orange Events calendar.

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