Thursday, October 21, 2010

Beautiful View of South Beach

sex and the beach
... and the subject in the photo is not bad, either.

I know, I know it's shameless narcissism but I couldn't resist posting this photo by my friend and photographer Liam Crotty, who regularly features interesting locals on his website and has taken portraits of many notables around the country. Liam isn't from Miami originally, so it's great to see the city through his eyes.

He hit it out of the ballpark with this photo; it truly captures the spirit of this blog, not to mention the glint of mischief in my eyes. That's the view from C-Lounge at The Clevelander, by the way, which we enjoyed during the Fifth Anniversary Bash last weekend.

I realize I don't write under the Manola Blablablanik nom de plume anymore, but if I had to give her a portrait, this would be it. Thanks, Liam!


Liam Crotty Photography said...

Thanks Maria for the praise. The pleasure was all mine :-)

Unknown said...

C-Level is on the 6th Floor of The Clevelander and anyone who is friends with Maria is welcome to join us any weekend!

Me-Ami said...

I do love this shot. The colors are intense, and the clouds are so gorgeous.