Monday, April 18, 2011

Silicone Bitch: Foursquare, Weather Tech, LinkedIn and More

News and notes about the South Florida social media and blogging scene, with a little tech thrown in for good measure. And maybe some other random events, too.

foursquare day miamiNothing square about this gang. Photo by @nataschaos.

There's a bunch of goodies for your Easter basket this month ...


Yesterday was Foursquare Day, which is basically a worldwide excuse for businesses to lure patrons and for friends to party. And that we did -- starting at 4:16 PM at Sugarcane Raw Bar in Midtown Miami for cocktails and appetizers, moving along later in the evening to JimmyZ in Wynwood for some good eats. Roughly 50 or more local Twitter pals showed up for what really felt like an old skool tweetup. Save for some confusion about cocktail prices (Foursquare attendees were supposed to pay $4.16 for cocktails, but some of us still got stuck with full price), the gathering was a blast. Some folks even earned the much-coveted swarm badge.

(A special treat for me: having a NYC friend text me pictures of herself posing with Foursquare founders Naveen Selvadurai and Dennis Crowley.)


Silicone Bitch loves useful technology, which is why last March's Refresh Miami is worth mentioning here. Matthew Wensing, co-founder of, gave a funny, engaging presentation about this homegrown technology that provides weather data to millions of people and numerous Fortune 500 companies. When significant weather affects business, companies use Stormpulse to assess risk. As well, news networks use Stormpulse's interface for weather broadcasts. And we know that the regular Joe here in Florida needs good weather information too -- visits to spike anytime a hurricane threatens in the Atlantic.


April's Social Media Club South Florida was a smash hit, covering all the ins and outs of Linkedin. Hosted by Ana G. Mendez University in Miramar, the meeting featured panelists Patrick Barbanes (The Branding Professor), David Rose (Yellow Dog Recruiting), David Suarez (addventures) and Seth Elliott (Startup Forum) -- all four of this wily crew moderated beautifully by author Denise Jacobs. The panel focused on ways to make Linkedin better serve individuals and companies, either for self-promotions or as a research tool. "Everyone should be on Linkedin," said Barbanes. "It's online gold."


wlrn under the sun sticky notesAmazing things happen when brains come together for a good cause.

Earlier this month, WLRN's Under the Sun corralled a group of active social media users and professionals for an intense brainstorming session. About twenty of us sat at the roundtable, jotting down ideas on sticky notes that could help the radio program gain a stronger foothold in the community using social media. Although some of us usually get paid to dole out this kind of advice, this was community collaboration at its best.


Sapient Nitro, one of the world's largest integrated marketing and technology firms is headquartered in Boston and its Miami branch boasts the grooviest office space on Lincoln Road. They're responsible for equally groovy projects, including the latest partnership with with Tourism Queensland to get you and your coworkers down under for the trip of a lifetime. Any company with at least three employees can apply for the five-star, million-dollar travel adventure by submitting a 60-second video to Million Dollar Memo. The deadline is May 1.


Many thanks to those who voted for me in the Sun Sentinel's Best of Blog Awards! I won Best Personal Twitter Stream (@vicequeenmaria) with minimal social media whoring, so I'm pretty sure I deserved the honor, although sadly, Sex and the Beach lost to a cat blog under the "Defies Categorization" category. I guess I need to start writing more about pussy. Other Sex and the Beach faves who won: Accidental Sexiness, A Guy on Clematis, Beached Miami, Midtown Chic-a, Photography Is Not A Crime and Wide Lawns and Narrow Minds.


The Startup Forum has organized a second pitch event for April 25 at Miami City Hall. The last event had over 250 attendees, so get your ticket now to see 5 judges decide which one of 4 startups will be the winner in this fast-paced competition. (And while you're at City Hall, gaze upward to the historic ceiling mural.)


Some SxSw posts fell too late onto Silicone Bitch's radar since the last edition of the column. Here's some coverage at Miami Beach 411, in case you missed it: Content and Networking is King and the very controversial Miami Still Lagging Behind When it Comes to Innovation.

And don't forget, SxSe is definitely on the radar for July! Reserve your room soon at The Eden House in Key West. We're working on a pub crawl that is sure to become the stuff of legend. Details at SxSe.

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