Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Sex and Delete

Congratulations to uber-blogger Rick for his successful six-month anniversary!

Critical Miami also recently celebrated its first year of kicking blogger butt!

... which reminds Manola that she completely forgot her own six-month mark on April 8th!

What better way to celebrate than deleting your own blog into oblivion? But you know how blogger gets buggy sometimes? I swear upon my favorite pair of heels:

colin farrell blog button

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Miamista made some excellent observations today about blogging communities and virtual connections. Let's dig deeper, shall we? Don't think too hard:

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on your 6-month, too. Are you going back to your old template or are you sticking with this look?

dPolls? Hmmmmm.

Maria de los Angeles said...

For now, sticking with blogger and this template, as I've got to upload all posts lost and to tie up loose ends before Spain.

I kind of like the template actually -- simple and clean. The orange titles and blue links are like, so tropics, you know? Plus, less is more. As well, serif fonts are much better for reading. The Georgia/Trebuchet seems elegant.

When I return from Spain, I'll reconsider the entire project. I wanted to buy, but it's not available. I contacted the owner and haven't received a response. (Of course, that's the last thing that's going to be on my mind when I stand breathing the crisp cool mountain air in Asturias!)

Ah ... torn between two paradises ... what can I say?

N said...

I did ask what possessed you to delete your blog, Manola. And now I know! I understand completely. I do so love a brown-eyed Irishman...

ANYWAY... my computer wouldn't open your file. :(

PS: My word verification is zhotbid. Sounds like trying to buy Colin Farrell sex tapes on eBay, no?

. said...

Blogging is like the moral crisis of setting up (sex) session with someone when you know you probably shouldn't but figure wtf.