Friday, April 14, 2006

Unprotected Sex ...

... that is premeditated, can lead to giving birth.

In this case, sex and labor produced America's next rock and roll legend, courtesy of aka Shveckle Havemeyer, mother of said future star and Manola's friend of over twenty years.

Indirectly related to sex and the beach ... see, this tiny tot, barely three years old, is the product of planned parenthood. And even with such short notice, this marvel of reproduction has already spent two vacations chez auntie Manola on Miami Beach!

(I mean, come on! Three years of life! Takes me three years just to put on make up and fix my hair!)

This unspeakably cute future Elvis was conceived in Brooklyn on a particular afternoon one September ... how do I know?

"I'm preggo," Shveckle wrote on instant messenger. "We boned just in time for me to give birth after grad school."

Aha! Shveckle had a partner in crime. That's the wonder of wonderful relationships. Boning, banging and babies down to a T. Oh, and did I mention love? Yes, love. It is a good day, sunshine.

Oh yes, the dead pan, spaghetti-eating NYC real estate mogul, husband and father in the background -- aka X chromosome partly responsible for musical child genius and quite possibly the only man with the slickest and most raven tresses on the planet! Watch out. Donald says 'you're fired,' and Juan says 'you're tired!'

It's not Sex in the City. Shveckle doesn't even own a pair of heels. And it's definitely a far cry from Sex and the Beach. But it is this: sex, reality and babies in Brooklyn, with a few bagels thrown in besides and a jubilant child as a result. And many, many visits to that crazy friend on the beach, auntie Manola.

Damn. Such cuteness, in the form of a mini-testosterone, baggy-jeans-wearing little sprite of energy, makes Manola want to run and buy a spermsickle immediately. Well, a magical thing happens when your best friends have children. Gives you insta-love-attacks, as evidenced in auntie Manola's tendency to offer slobbering wet kisses, a bad habit she has been cultivating since toddlerhood.

If this video doesn't restore your hope in humanity, make you believe in love all over again and at the very least -- give you a good heart throb -- let me know and I'll stop by with my defibrillator or a cortadito, whatever works fastest.

N don't be shocked sweetheart, live the life of Manola, and you'll end up old and soppy, shopping for sperm!

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