Tuesday, June 27, 2006

MacArthur Causeway Is Melting in the Dark

[embarrasingly and yet for the sake of your entertainment, updated]

macarthur causeway miami beach florida

"A throat-clearing -- nay, cat-screeching in unmelodious discomfort -- ode to the days of yore, a tribute to those pioneering, half air-conditioned days gone by of hardship and just plain ole' swash-bucklin' fightin' o' drug lords in pastel linen jackets and sock-free leather shoes! Manola's voice is like a forgettable mule's braying paying reverence to those lamborghini-speeding pioneers of Miami's economy, and our soon to be reborn hero -- that conqueror of evil, Sonny Crocket -- in the form of the ever-generous, SUPER-SIZE ME Colin Farrell ... behold, even at half mast, the Irish man cometh and his cup runneth over ... a man who sees the half-pint of stout full, no doubt, and giveth a whole new meaning to MIAMI VICE."

--Ms. Annie Steelclit, music critic, Stone Gathered Moss Magazine

Colin Farrell Miami Vice

i recall the yellow cotton thong
that I wore, at the south beach night club,
overpriced drinks, tasted bad

whores like tender ladies in your pants
and the women pimping, gin and tonics that were free

macarthur causeway a traffic jam in the dark
all the sweet white powder, flowing down
someone left the coke out in the rain
i don't think that i can snort it
port of miami does import it
yet i'll never have to bribe a cop again

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i feel love


Maria de los Angeles said...

BTW, Manola, and her author, DO NOT endorse the usage of drugs. Tanqueray and Smirnoff, maybe, but seriously, any mention made of the nose variety is meant to provide parody and nothing more.

Andy said...

This is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I love that song.

Mighty Dyckerson said...

Darling, you're lucky you have those boobs...otherwise I'd have to revoke your Mighty Blog affiliation!

Maria de los Angeles said...

Oh c'mon, Mighty, you only ever cared about my boobs!

Andy said...

You continue to rock my world.

Wide Lawns said...

Manola, do you think Colin Farrel's penis could help unblock my root chakra? Its really disturbing my flow of chi.

mkhall said...

From what I've read on this site, wlsw, Colin's root could unblock pretty much anything that got in its way. Of course, I'm just going on what I read on the internets...

Maria de los Angeles said...

Wide Lawns, ehem, I've heard Colin darlin' is a skilled plumber in the female 'household.' In fact, there is a sex toy inspired by him called the 'roto-rooter' designed just for clearing the lowest of the seven chakras.

But Wide Lawns, a little blockage in the root chakra is sometimes a good thing, especially if there is a man you love attached to it.

MKH ... I'd like to hire you as my informant. :-)

keed said...

straight up hardcore song