Thursday, June 01, 2006

Hurricane Season Boyfriend: A Man for All Seasons

Today is the first day of the hurricane season and logically I thought about Colin Farrell's enormous schlong and other important preparedness matters such as the fact that we could not possibly (and fairly so) expect one man and one man only to fulfill all our needs.

So ladies, I ask you: in a time of crisis, which one of the following would you choose for support?

Max Mayfield: like your grandfather, a benevolent patriarch leading the way.

Max Mayfield

Bryan Norcross: like your father, soothing your fears during times of peril.

bryan norcross

Anderson Cooper: like your brother, risking life and limb to bring you unbiased reporting.

Anderson Cooper

Jim Cantore: like your very distant cousin, because he sports the kind of upper body that makes you have naughty thoughts about the lower body.

Jim Cantore

Manola, why do you even ask? That should be me in his arms!

Harry Connick Jr

Sing me a tune and carry me away

Ladies, if you don't recognize the world's sexiest crooner in the above photo, that's surely a sign that Katrina blew your libido away, because the sight of a topless Harry Connick Jr wearing waders was etched, nay - BRANDED WITH SEARING HEAT - on the mind of every living, breathing woman on the planet.

"But Manola 180, I am a respectable woman with children and I can't spend my day dreaming about Colin Farrell's penis, Jim Cantore's biceps or Harry Connick Jr's chest. Could you please offer some tips for family fun before, during and after the storm?"

Sure! Dubious Wonder (who, by the way, has children, is sexy and utterly respectable), has compiled a list of entertaining games for kids and their rum-drinking parents.


Mighty Dyckerson said...

Funny, I always pictured you as a Geraldo chick...

Anonymous said...


Maria de los Angeles said...

Mighty: It's just that Max and Bryan are hurricane household names.

Rick: Of all the things Manola has written, to this you say OUCH? :-)

Anonymous said...

M.: No, no, no....not to your eloquent prose. I was referring to MD's linking you with Geraldo.

THAT must hurt.

mkhall said...

Yeah, any Geraldo reference leaves a bit of an odor in the room.

Anonymous said...


Not only is he super hot but he also has a very weird, dirty sense of humor. I heard him "off the cuff" one time on a talk radio show...and he was...well let's just say...Harry...Harry...Harry.

Maria de los Angeles said...

Rick: ah ... I never thought it was about my prose, hence the question. Manola can be pretty thick-skinned sometimes, you know, like an iguana, so the Geraldo connection went in one ear and out the other.

Trouble said...

Thank you for the linky love. Until this very minute I never realized exactly how hot HCJ really is. Damn!

Mighty Dyckerson said...

Actually, I was paying you a compliment. Geraldo is my hero. Rick, you're just jealous. You're not fit to comb Mr. Rivera's moustache.

Maria de los Angeles said...

Come on, fellas ... behave!