Friday, December 10, 2010

Mobile Technology: Use It For Affairs of the Heart

black veilA funny thing happens when Latina bloggers connect. Photo by LordAsh on Flickr.

I rarely do sponsored posts, but an interesting opportunity fell on my lap: Latina Bloggers Connect hooked me up with a Samsung Epic on the Sprint 4G network. As I'm a mobile technology and social media fanatic, I couldn't resist.

First, about the phone. I will never, ever betray my trusted Apple product, but I absolutely loved the swipe feature on the Epic. Instead of the usual lightning-speed one finger typing I perform on the iPhone, I could spell a word simply by swiping my fingers over the letters. Amazingly, it was 100% accurate all the time! For someone who tweets like crazy and sends epic text messages to a very special pirate in St. Augustine, I think this feature should be on EVERY smart phone. I also enjoyed being able to set my phone to auto-reply via text while I was driving.

And second, about the network. The 4G (which means 4th generation, by the way), launched this month and is available in many areas of Miami-Dade County. And even though South Miami doesn't connect to Sprint's 4G network yet, download speeds were faster on Sprint's 3G than on my AT & T network, at least by a minute or so. You don't know how important this is when you have insomnia and you absolutely need to watch Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam in the middle of the night.

samsung spring watching youtubeMy favorite activity on the Sprint 4G. Don't laugh! You know I've had pirate on the brain for a while now!

But more important than the technology was the overall theme of this project. On Monday, December 6, my partners in crime, other wonderful Latina bloggers from around the country, hosted a bilingual Twitter party with the hashtag "Latinas4G" during which time we discussed how mobile technology has changed our lives.

sprint latinas4g partyMuch fun was had during the Twitter party. Even @poolboy showed up espeki espani!

And this got me thinking: my personal and professional life has indeed changed by leaps and bounds because of that communication device that fits in the palm of my hand. It sounds scary, but the phone almost defines me. Not only can I instantly broadcast my writing, I can also carry on long distance relationships with people all over the world.

When you are single, have no kids and your home life is rather solitary, staying connected is very crucial. Which brings me to the hilarious conclusion of all this -- after ranting about not being mommy bloggers, fellow blogger La Licenciada and I decided we might as well start The Black Veil Club in honor of all never-married women over 30!

(In Hispanic culture, the black veil represents not only mourning but the forlorn and "saintly" life of Catholic spinsterhood.)

sprint latinas4g partySingle spinster bloggers are upstaged by mommy bloggers when it comes to brands. Why aren't more brands paying attention to us? We're fun and we (well some) have disposable income. Thankfully Latina Bloggers Connect is a the helm of some very cool projects.

I'll quote La Licenciada (that means female attorney, by the way):
As someone who is "beyond a marriagable age" then it seems I will only get to "dress saints," (as the song goes) because traditionally, I should still be chaste enough to do so - and I won't have a choice, because what else does an unmarried woman with no kids do? Which begs the question, what does a saint-dresser wear? Do I need to buy a black veil and long rosaries to do that? Maybe my blog should match my gloomy umarried, no-kid, non-chaste, hag life... hmmmm.
Of course, it's not all doom and gloom for us! We couldn't be happier with our lives. Being single AND happy is an act of defiance against Hispanic tradition, even though we love and honor many aspects of that tradition. For me, The Black Veil Club is redefining what happiness means for women in the civilized world these days.

What is happiness for this solterona? Using technology to benefit the affairs of the heart.

Happiness is making new friends via social media and my mobile phone. Happiness is staying deeply connected with friends via mobile phone. Happiness is having the means to publish freely without government interference via mobile phone. Happiness is being able to share my world with others via mobile phone. And happiness is simple, too: seeing a a very special pirate's face every time the phone's background image appears, reminding me about what's really important and giving me the opportunity to sigh and say "yes" to the universe.

So think about it: no matter what phone you have, how has it changed your life? Are you a smart phone user or do you still communicate by pigeon? Does your network meet your needs?

Disclosure: this post is sponsored by Latina Bloggers Connect and Sprint. All opinions are 100% my own.


Unknown said...

I just LOVE this post!!!!

My smart phone def. keeps me connected ...& being part of this campaign connected me to you and the two other solterona bloggers in the twitterverse LOL!

Black Veil Club-bers UNITE!!! [this should also resound like He-Man's "I have the powerrrrr!"}

I don't think there are enough exclamations to convey my excitement, thus I will spread them throughout my comment!

Cheers to being Single & Happy Blogueras!!!!


You down with B.V.C.?! Yea you know me! [that shoud not sound like He-man, rather it should sound like hip hop song "O.P.P." by naughty by nature]


Stephanie Quilao said...

Without the interwebs and our phones I don't know where I'd be without you :-D

I mean who would I share my why-are-you-not-married-yet-is-there-something-wrong-with-you trials and tribulations with LOL!

Raising a glass of champagne for those of us who are single with good lives :-D